The Return of the Earl - Sandra Schwab

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. I'd not heard of this author before requesting this book from Netgalley. And when I did some research I found that most of her titles were m/f romance. This is only her second gay romance title. As soon as I finished this book, I purchased her first gay romance title. 



  • An easy read. I read it all in one sitting. 
  • I'm not a history buff of that era but it felt authentic. 
  • Bryn, He was adorable. And he never gave up.
  • The slow burn of their reacquaintance.
  • HEA 
  • Lovely epilogue



  • Con. Whiney. Entitled. I understood the reason, but he was an arse for too long. Especially when it was clear to even the most obtuse that his 'staff' were really pleased to have him back.
  • The cover. Hideous. 
  • Bryn had two different coloured eyes. Yes. I got that the first 10 times you told me!
  • Did I mention the cover?
  • I'd have liked Bryn's pov.


There were a couple of errors in the first 15% of the book. A spin when it should have been spine. And Con referring to himself when I think he meant Ross. But I didn't notice any errors after this.


Occasionally things were mentioned that had already been covered and this seemed unintentionally repetitive e.g. the fencing master story. 


I got the impression at the beginning of the story that Ross was also gay. Con mentioned that Ross had been destined for the church but that wouldn't suit his inclinations. But after that at no point did Con confide in Ross or did Ross imply he knew the situation between Con and Bryn, so I assume I misunderstood the author's intentions.


All in all an enjoyable read.