City of Dreams

City of Dreams - Sydney Blackburn

I was really enjoying watching the arrogant Bastian fall in love despite himself. Then the sorceress got involved and I felt like we all got manipulated. I wanted the guys to work it out for themselves, not due to a spell that promised deception. This was a HEA but in the end I was left strangely dissatisfied.


I also had a couple of lesser issues that I could have lived with if the ending had been stronger for me:

  • some editing issues; extra/missing words, an occasional word order that didn't seem right. 
  • the world-building could have been stronger.
  • an issue with magic and art not mixing that made a mockery of the resolution. Would either artist blessed with 'the eye' risk losing it by using a magical item? Neither even considers it as a possible side effect, and neither does the author. 


Overall this story had the ability to be more than it was. The writing was fine, it was the resolution that bothered me.