More substance than I expected.

All For Show: A Fake Boyfriend Gay Romance - Rachel Kane

This is sold as a romantic comedy but I have to disagree. I was expecting light and fluffy and did get amusing one liners, however the story looked at more serious issues of poor self esteem, depression, and manipulative relationships.

I have to confess that by 40% I was wondering if I would be able to finish, the MC's both had rambling internal musings that were distracting me from the flow of the story, and I found little to no chemistry between the MCs. But like I say there were some excellent one liners that pulled me along and I really liked Owen. Then at some point before 65% I found myself rooting for the MCs, and determined to ensure I saw their HEA.
On a side note, I'd have liked more dialogue tags, especially with alternate 1st person pov.


Well written with more substance than I expected.