Lone Ranger / Green Hornet: Champions of Justice - Michael Uslan

First off, I didn't realise that The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet were related. Turns out they are.
When I picked up this title I was imagining some sort of time travel storyline. I didn't expect the Lone Ranger to be an old man. However there was enough flashbacks to get a sense of him in his prime.
I enjoyed the artwork and the action sequences. The storyline while simplistic seemed to reflect a lot of what is happening in politics today. In fact TLR makes a comment about 'jews, people of colour and homosexuals being persecuted', and while I agree with the sentiment it it's unlikely to be something that would have been said in 1936/7, what with homosexuality being against the law. (Had there been an indication of a more intimate relationship between one of the partnerships I'd have even let this slide)  Apart from this slip the history seemed to be pretty much on the money.
Where the story fell down for me is that it seems to get bogged down under its own backstory and on occasion took itself too seriously.
Overall an interesting title.