Slow Burn

Conflict Management - Rachel White


  • I liked Law once we started to get his POV. He wasn't perfect but he did try to do his best by people.
  • I liked the crime part of the story and would have liked more to be made of this.
  • Christian. Law's brother was unapologetically rude and not just because of his illness.
  • The slow burn
  • Not everything was resolved at the end.



  • The slow burn was exceptionally slow which isn't a problem, but Morgan couldn't make his mind up. I'm surprised he didn't give himself whiplash.
  • I'd have liked for them to work on the 'crime' issue together
  • Anita. Bro this, bro that. It got old really quickly.
  • I don't understand [spoiler]why Law got fired for whistleblowing. I'm sure there is protection in place for employees. [/spoiler]
  • Things were repeated, a lot. I'd have liked these to be streamlined for a tighter storyline.


Ultimately a story about two insecure men with poor dating history, one who knows what he wants but doesn't think he can have it, and the other unable to decide what/who he wants.


I'd be interested to read a story about Christian finding his special someone. He was an interesting secondary character.