Clueless and adorable

Leo Loves Aries - Anyta Sunday Leo Tops Aries - Anyta Sunday

Clueless and oblivious, Theo doesn't realise that the easy sarky banter he slipped into with his new roommate is actually flirting. After all he's never been attracted to a guy before.

This story was cute, light, and low-angst. The guys had perfect chemistry both in bed and out of it and a great banter between them. I loved the notes and texts, the horoscopes from Theo's mum and the 'quote of the day. 

The side characters were equally endearing: Theo's blind sister and Jamie's best friend, Sean, the gay couple, Ben and Kyle (and yes please to their story), and both mums. Didn't really like any of the exes, but I guess they served their purposes.

The follow up short story, catches up with the boys a month or so after the end of the first book. Still as sarky and bantering brilliant together but Theo has backed himself into a serious case of blue balls due to his competitive nature. Then a run in with Jamie's arsehole ex and a dance with the green-eyed monster makes Theo realise that he doesn't need to be best at everything, not when he's already won the most important thing.