Cyborg Vol 1

Cyborg Vol. 1: The Imitation Of Life (Rebirth) (Cyborg (Rebirth)) - John Semper, Will Conrad, Paul Pelletier

Disappointing. We get a recap in memories of Cyborg's origin story. Then Cyborg discovering that his father is worried whether he saved his son or has simply created a machine with no humanity. This thread is quite an interesting idea, but I don't think it was fully explored before it was buried under the story of the machines that want Cyborg to denounce his humanity and join them. There are several story threads here that aren't finished in this collection, in fact nothing is really resolved, which is a disappointment. I like to have some part of the story arc resolved even if we are left on a cliffhanger on another part.


Artwork: This started off well (although Vic looked older than 21 to me). A different style to the type that I really like but it seemed to suit the story and characters. Then the artist changed and in the last two issues (especially the second half of the final issue) the artwork got much more carton-like and didn't even try to emulate the style in the first four issues.


Will I pick up the next collection? yes, probably, but only because I want to know what happens.