Highly recommended

An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities) - KJ Charles

It’s possible that this is my favourite KJ Charles book to date.


This is the second book in the Sins of the Cities series and I would say this can’t be read as a standalone. The relationship is a new one, but the storyline is connected to the previous book, and also continues into the third and final book.


This is the tale of Nathaniel, the journalist and friend of Clem that we first meet in An Unseen Attraction, and Justin Lazarus, a shameless shyster and medium. It hard to discuss the storyline without giving away the plot of the previous book, because they are run on from each other. In fact, this one starts just before the end of Clem and Rowley’s story.


This book has one of my favourite tropes, enemies to lovers and it gives us an excellent example of an unexpected (and initially unwanted) attraction and the perfect opportunity for some quite glorious hate sex, and some wonderfully biting banter. It also has another of my favourite themes and that is flawed characters. Nathaniel is drowning in grief for a lover he lost five years previously, while Justin is a product of society, dragged up from the gutter by whatever means necessary and determined not to return.


This book is funny and exciting and the romance builds quite beautifully. At 67% the chaps go for a walk in the woods together and I got quite choked up, without even the London fog to blame.


I love that Nathaniel could adore Justin but still despise his job, yet for all that he didn’t attempt to take it from him. I love that Justin is unapologetic in what he does and how he cares for those he feels responsible for.



And the discovery of the Earl? Well, I can honestly say that I didn’t see that coming. But that really is more Mark’s tale and I for one can’t wait to read it.