Sweet romance

Afternoon Americano (Coffee Boys Book 3) - Becca Brant

1st person pov for both main characters.

This story is about Vincent, an author of gay romance who claims he is straight. Until he gets set up on a blind date with Skye, who he assumes will be female. I don't think I'm giving much away by say Skye's not.


The author insights were amusing, as were Skye and Vincent's attempts to set up their friend, Landon. Vincent's constant questioning of his new 'bi' status started to grate after a while, but luckily there was enough other things happening to detract from that.


I much preferred Skye to Vincent, he was sweet and patient.


Technically there were a few mixed up words in the first third but mostly it was well written and edited.


Overall, a sweet, low angst romance with the added enjoyment of one MC being an author.