Puss in Prada - Marie Jacquelyn

< 1 hour read.


This story is funny, cute and adorable but still managed to have me on the verge of tears for much of the second half. 

It's a fairy story/morality tale. A fable of second chances and learning to give rather than take. 

The narrator, Alex, has been turned into a talking cat (a la Puss in Boots) by a witch, and he's got no one to take him in apart from his ex-boyfriend, who, as it turns out, he's still very much in love with. 

Ethan, the ex, is an adorable, oblivious baker, who everyone thinks has named his cat after his ex. Weird. 

Oh, and Alex wears clothes, which he buys himself.


Well written, amusing and slightly melancholy at the same time.


I did wonder why Alex had taught himself to type with his paws (he's an author). Why not just install a speech to text program.