The Experiment (Catlett's Cove #3)




I thought Jamie was selfish and self absorbed. He treated his boyfriend and his sister badly and didn't do enough to redeem himself in my eyes.


Aside from a unsympathetic MC I found the story didn't flow very well, important scenes were told rather than shown, their space given up to yet another sex scene. The beginning was very infodumpy. The author used some very strange word choices, for example, Jamie dances with a handsome man who is described as having a 'tall, slim, elongated body'. Yeah, sounds really attractive.

As far as the editing quality I would hazard that this never saw a proof reader. There are any number of punctuation errors. Extra full stops and question marks, missing commas, speech marks in the wrong place.

I was disappointed because I love small town stories with a strong supporting cast where I can get to read every bodies love stories in a connected series.

I'd recommend reading the sample before purchasing.