This is the first Lane Hayes book I've read. It won't be the last.

A Kind of Truth - Lane Hayes

This should have been a 5 star read but any romance that has me so worried it makes me feel physically sick can't get 5 stars. I had to put the book down at various points because I simply couldn't carry on reading. Once Leah was out of the picture my sickness disappeared and I was able to finish the last part of the book in one go. Even though the last part of the book made me cry. But tears I can handle, pushy, conniving groupies I obviously can't.


While certain aspects of the background story had me floundering to finish, it was the relationship that made me determined to make it through to the end.

Will is an adorable confusing mix of adorableness all wrapped up in glasses and freckles, glitter and sequins. Since the book is written solely in Rand's POV we never really know what's going on with Will until he chooses to tell us. Rand is all about his music, he wants fame but more because he knows it will get recognition for his music than for the fame itself. He's loud and brash, doesn't always think about how things he does and says impact on others. And then he meets Will. Don't get me wrong, he's still all those things but tempered in some way. As the story goes on Rand's priorities change, and so do Will's. The relationship in this story is fun, the banter and playfulness between Rand and Will feels real.