Justice League Vol. 4: The Grid (The New 52) (Justice League Vol II) - GEOFF JOHNS, IVAN REIS

Gathers issues Justice League 18 - 23 


Meh, not my favourite cover of the run. Plus the character that dominates the cover is barely in the graphic novel.


Where do I start? This was confusing. Introducing characters to the Justice League, destroying The Watchtower, a weird semi story with Shazam that seems to start a war with another Justice League (JLA), Pandora and her skull 'box', a fortune teller who can see the future. Turns out this is the due to the volume being part of the Trinty storyline, in fact the last two issues are the first and last issues of this storyline. It also runs into the Shazam storyline (it's the last issue in the Shazam run of that story) and runs on from Justice League Dark. As I hadn't read any of those issues, this accounts for my confusion. This feels like a strange way of collecting a multi-run arc. Putting all those issues aside (and they were major issues) I only have one more thing to say, I HATE, HATE, HATE the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. Stop it. Stop it now!


Having said all that, the artwork is brilliant.


Everything else is just confusing. I know this is years ago now, but it shows a complete lack of respect to the reader to package a volume in this way.  


And for heavens sake, will somebody please help Superman?


5 stars for the art, 2 stars for the confusion of the story presentation. Total rating 3.5