Those dreaded words 'to be continued'

Through the Door - Ana Reese Into the Passageways (Serving Royalty Book 2) - Ana Reese

I'm rating this series at 3 stars for the moment. It would probably be 4 if each book didn't end with the dreaded words 'to be continued'.


Told purely from Jonas' pov there are times when I just wanted to slap him upside the head. But the tale is engaging and Noel and Jonas are sweet together.



There are some editing issues, mostly for wrong word usage (peak instead of peek, due instead of do).


I want Grant to get his HEA, btw. 


I'm enjoying the story but it is more serial than connected novellas. Each story ends with more questions than answers.


Bearing in mind there was a 4 year wait between the first and second books, that style of publishing isn't doing this story any favours. 


I want to recommend it but I can't while the story is so unfinished and with no end in sight.