Argh, this is so infuriating

Country Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 2) - A. E. Wasp

I didn't love the story line as much as the first book of the series but that is because the pivotal plot point is a personal peeve of mine. I can't understand parents that put their religion before their family's wellbeing. Preaching an unloving God goes beyond my comprehension and baulks against everything that God is supposed to represent. As a parent my urge to defend my child to be who and what they want to be goes beyond anything else. As this is a major plot point in the story I spent much of my time incensed with several of the side characters and the way Paul had been treated. Unfortunately that doesn't make for a relaxed read.

The relationship between Paul and Robbie was adorable and they were a convincing and endearing couple. 


Hopefully all the editing issues in the ARC were straighten out by the time it went to publishing because there were a lot. Enough that I wondered if it had ever seen a beta reader or a proofer. The last few chapters in particular were a mess that made following the story difficult. And that is why I couldn't give this the 4 star review that I wanted to. 


Can I leave the author with this insight. It's 2017, I thought we all knew how offensive this expression (I'm clean) is by now. Obviously not.