Rock-A-Bye: A Gay Romance (Cray's Quarry Book 1) - Rachel Kane

The overwhelming emotion on reading this one was disappointment. I normally really enjoy Rachel Kane’s books and I was looking forward to a new series from her, but this one was just okay.


I found it hard to get worked up about the issues of the two MCs and while everything came together at the end in a cohesive story I found by that point I just didn’t care. The bones of the story were there but I didn’t feel the connection (between me and the storyline) and small things kept pulling me out of the story. I found I wasn’t invested enough in the characters to skim over the blips—pov issues, the MCs names got mixed up enough to make an impact, and other small things that shouldn’t have bothered me that much but poked at my brain anyway (if  because the main storyline wasn’t keeping me fully engaged.


This could have been a good book but, in all honesty, I think it was rushed out (I swear I only just read a new release by this author) and suffered for it. It’s a shame because Rachel Kane was fast becoming one of my auto-read authors.