Excellent mystery

The God Game: A Dan Sharp Mystery - Jeffrey Round

This is my first experience with Dan Sharp. He's a hard character to like sometimes, doesn't let people get too close, even his partner (and soon to be husband) and friends. He very morally rigid and self reliant.
I thought the mystery was excellent (I didn't peg the bad guy til nearly the reveal, although I got a bad feeling about him early on and just couldn't put my finger on why).
The Canada backdrop made a nice change.
I look forward to the next book, and will certainly check out the the previous four.
Don't let the writing style in the prologue put you off. The rest of the book is nothing like this.


NB. This is a mystery with a gay lead. He is in a relationship but said relationship is very much on the backburner and not a massive part of the story. Just thought I should differentiate between this and a mystery/romance where the romance plays a far greater (and often explicit) part. The couple don't even share a kiss in this story. The physical side of their relationship is not focused on at all.